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    Announcing CropKing's Blog

    Cropking is pleased to announce our new blog. This week's blog features Dr. Natalie Bumgarner's research on "An Introduction to the Process of Grafting in Greenhouse Tomatoes".
    Visit today at cropking.blogspot.com

    Available from CropKing

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    Commercial NFT Lettuce and Herb Greenhouse Systems
    Romaine Lettuce

    Hydroponic NFT Lettuce and Herb Greenhouse Systems allow you to grow Bibb, Romaine and Leaf lettuce. The NFT system can also be used for herbs like basil. Systems are available from a 30' x 128' greenhouse to multiple gutter connected bays. We can also provide retrofit packages to fit an existing greenhouse.

    Small Commercial System gives you a great starter system that allows you to grow 540 small leaf plants. The 10-36 NFT Small Leaf Crop System is 10.5' x 26' long.

    Hydroponic Vine Crop Greenhouse Systems
    Cluster Tomatoes

    Hydroponic Bato Bucket Vine Crop Greenhouse Systems allow you to grow Tomatoes in Bato Buckets filled with Perlite. The Bato Bucket System can also be used for Cucumbers, Peppers and Eggplant. 

    The Hydroponic Nutrient Injector System is used to fertilize each Bato Bucket.

    Systems ar available from a 30' x 128' greenhouse to a multiple gutter connected bays.We can also provide retrofit packages to fit an existing greenhouse. 

    Forage, MicroGreen & WheatGrass Systems

    GrazeGreen Livestock Forage Systems are the hydroponic answer to high hay and forage prices. Grow forage for your farm animals 365 days a year with our controlled system.

    CropKing's Microgreens One Rack is on display with microgreens, wheatgrass, popcorn and sunflowers.

    MicroGreen and WheatGrass Growing Systems are for growing high value miniature greens used as garnish and salad toppings. For more detailed pictures of growth and varieties, click here

    Greenhouses, Coldframes and Retrofit Systems
    Gutter Connect Greenhouse

    Greenhouses and Coldframes manufactured by CropKing.

    Our online configurator will quote a complete greenhouse system to match your needs
    for all of our ground to ground greenhouses.

    Retrofit Hydroponic Systems can be added to your existing greenhouse.

    Growers Workshops and Training
    Jim Teaching Growers school

    Our highly regarded Growers Workshops trains you on the technical side of growing with hands on experience. Workshops are scheduled all over the US using CropKing's growing techniques. 

    CropKing's Introductory Free Video gives a brief foundation to the different greenhouse structures and sizes CropKing has to offer. This video describes different growing systems and crops that are successfully grown in our hydroponic greenhouses.

    Business Plan Template can help you create a package to compare various business costs and returns and contains the information your banker wants to see in order to find financing for your new business.

    CropKing's Research Facility
    Asian Varieties


    Click to View Research Greenhouse

    Sanctuary Hobby Greenhouses